King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame -
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ESRB: Everyone
  • Alcohol & Tobacco Reference
  • Blood and Gore
  • Mild Language
  • Mild Suggestive Themes
  • Violence
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Requires the base game in order to play.
Steam account required for game activation and installation.
Fulfill your destiny and claim your rightful place on the throne of Britannia. Recruit fabled knights to your Round Table: send them to adventures or battles, let them gather knowledge and artifacts, see how they become the most powerful heroes of the realm. Build the majestic Camelot, but beware: there will be enemies, both mortal and otherworldly that will try to destroy you. Send your heroes and their followers to battle with legendary warriors and monsters and see how the folk of the faeries and the saints set against wizards and evil knights.
  • Real-time fantasy battles: spectacular fight scenarios on grandiose battlefields, featuring thousands of soldiers and powerful heroes such as Sir Lancelot, Sir Galahad or Merlin. Battles rely on the strengths and weaknesses of the different arms with several tactical possibilities, the abilities of the units and the heroes, monsters and most of all, spells.
  • Turn-based Campaign Map: Britannia is represented as a fully three dimensional topographic map where heroes move freely, conquer provinces or find adventures. In the turn-based campaign the changing seasons have effect on the gameplay and the graphics of the Campaign Map.
  • Create your own legend! The saga of King Arthur is an epic tale about the conquest of Britannia through a story-based campaign. The Campaign is divided into chapters, like a chronicle, each with a unique tone and theme. The chapters all have objectives, long- and short-term goals that also fit together to draw a grandiose picture of an unfolding storyline. There are many possible events and outcomes that all influence the legend itself and determine the ending of the storyline.
  • Morality Chart: Every decision in the game will influence the position of King Arthur on the Morality Chart. King Arthur might become a Christian ruler or the Follower of the Old Faith; a rightful or a ruthless monarch. These choices unlock special contents, allies, heroes, units and developments.
  • RPG elements: Heroes lead the armies and learn skills, spells and abilities from an ability tree for experience points. Heroes can also use magic items or become liege lords, entrusted with the leadership of a province, which is the best way to have them indebted. Arranging their marriages with the nice damsels of Arthur’s court also raises their loyalty.
  • Adventures: adventuring is the essence of King Arthur’s world. Quests pop up on the Campaign Map regularly. In technical terms it is a short story where the chosen knight has to make important decisions. Some adventures end in battles on special battlemaps.
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Very Good

great game but sligthly diffrent
Posted by keat2 (BOAZ, AL) Dec 30, 2012
Member since Nov 2011
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a great and fun game that focus more on role playing parts then actual battle (though theres still plenty of battles in it). and has a 4-way moral meter as you progress through the story. being a good christian will give you sun warriors armed with golden weapons while being a evil druid believer gives you giants if i remember correctly. i would deffinitly consider this game to anyone who likes stratagy and rpg's.
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Thos game is meh....
Posted by Golgoprime (BALTIMORE, MD) Dec 20, 2012
Member since Dec 2012
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The gameplay comes off as dull and unoriginal.Years ago it could be considered good.But these days there are so many better rts games out.unless your really desperate for a rts to play jst pass this one over.
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Really Bad

Horrible interface
Posted by Tapn2me (LONG BEACH, CA) Aug 03, 2012
Member since Jan 2012
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It won't show the mouse cursor to even allow someone to play it.
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Very Good

King Arthur
Posted by taintedfro (CHELSEA, VT) Mar 02, 2012
Member since Mar 2012
3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

If you ever played "Lords of the Realm 2" I highly recommend this game Similar play style, with lots more to do although i do believe the campaign could have been a little bit more random like have random maps not just random battles from main menu. Lots of fun once you get rolling, this game also reminds me of shogun total war, great turn based RPG with RTS built in.
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Very Good

For real-time enthusiasts
Posted by jalkeener (DUNEDIN, FL) Mar 10, 2012
Member since Mar 2012
2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Don't be fooled into thinking this is an RPG by any sense, but the game is a moderately well top down real-time war game with all of the elements of King Arthur times and stories. As the story unfolds, you acquire more knights and and their armies, and must direct them to various missions and goals. Difficulty increases as you progress and there are enough options to play the game through a few times.
The bad elements are extremely small font in the story lines (so it's incredibly hard to read), and the game mechanics can take some time to master as there is no go-to help offered with the game. Still a decent play for anyone with time to kill and a fan of Arthur legend.
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Very Good

Great Game
Posted by RedWingsFan30 (OVERLAND PARK, KS) May 20, 2012
Member since May 2012
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I played Lords of the Realm back in the day, so adapting this game was pretty easy. Controls are a little confusing, but once you figure them out its very smooth. Love the quests you send knights of the round table to do while still commanding armies across Britannia. Strategy works great with the different terrains. The monsters, giants, and supernatural beings that you can convince or bribe to fight with you really make the battles interesting. This game is very time consuming.
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Minimum OS Windows XP SP2/Vista/Windows 7
Minimum Processor AMD Athlon 3500+ or Intel Pentium IV 3.4 GHz processor
Minimum Memory 1 GB RAM (XP) 1.5 GB RAM (Vista/7)
Minimum Graphics Nvidia 6600 (256Mb) / ATI Radeon X700 (256Mb)
Minimum Hard Drive 8 GB
Minimum Sound DirectX 9 compliant sound card
Recommended OS Windows XP SP2/Vista/Windows 7
Recommended Processor AMD X2 6000+ or Intel Core2 Duo E6600
Recommended Memory 1.5GB RAM(XP) 2GB RAM (Vista/7) memory
Recommended Graphics Nvidia 9800 GTX (512MB) AMD/ATI HD4850 (512MB)
Recommended Hard Drive 8 GB
Recommended Sound DirectX 9 compliant sound card
DirectX: 9.0c or higher
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