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Sniper Elite III -
Requires the base game in order to play.
Venture into the rough terrain of North Africa circa 1942 and help the Allied Forces take down a secret German weapon that threatens to change the course of history. Play as Karl Fairburne, an American OSS agent who must use his sniper skills to help end the war. Open-ended missions allow you to choose the best course of action to help defeat your enemy. Customize your weapons with over 40 unique parts to help build the optimal shooter you want. The new vehicle kill cam allows you to explosively blast through the front lines. And if you're looking to partner up or simply destroy your friends online, choose co-op play or five distinct multiplayer modes for competitive action.
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boring as...ya know
Posted by Chevinator (SELMA, OR) Oct 22, 2014
Member since Jun 2014
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honestly the graphics aren't that bad, not the best but they're not horrid. the story was bland and didn't even grasp me to begin with. this game didn't even grasp me before i heard it was coming out, i just wanted to fill up my q and try this out just to see what it was like. its a decent game and i can see how most people would like it but it just wasn't my cup of tea. got to the 2nd or 3rd mission and got extremely bored. decided to send back, also what annoyed me was that they had to make this a one man army game which i hate in most war games
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sniper elite 111
Posted by harley11 (BARNHART, MO) Oct 21, 2014
Member since Nov 2010
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great graphics,very fun game...don't understand the negative reviews ??...way underated of the best I played so far on ps4..
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Very Good

Worth a rent.
Posted by carebear2099 (RICHLAND, MO) Oct 20, 2014
Member since Sep 2014
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Good story line not real long though. Great cut-scenes. One bad side is xray mode wouldnt work alot like my ps4 was lagging but overall good game.
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Ugh waste
Posted by HannibalMrH (LOS ANGELES, CA) Oct 13, 2014
Member since Dec 2011
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Game is terrible .
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Above Average

Rifle Enthusiast
Posted by semperfi1shot (SAINT PAUL, MN) Jul 14, 2014
Member since Jul 2014
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If I can only let you into my nervous system to know how I truly feel.

Let me just start off by saying this game has a lot of potential, sniping feels smooth and the x-ray kill cam is a blast! But that's about it... I've never been so anxious to hurry up a strategic/ stealth game in my life! Don't get me wrong -- I absolutely love these kinds of games, but as for this one, it felt incomplete and almost as if I were playing a beta of some sort.
There are a lot of glitches and bugs that come with endless frustrations such as enemy snipers have plasma rifles that shoot through cave walls and enemy AI are mindless when you want immersion, then they are precisely trained elite green berets when you miss one shot and "need some leprechaun luck".
I was excited when I herd that this piece of work was non linear... But I just wanna say this game is a non linear game like diet soda is a healthy alternative. One of my biggest/ minor problems I faced was when I tried to slide down a 5 foot hill like a pro and my character somehow twisted his ankle and shot himself, It's not a big deal but it gets a little annoying progressing 30 min into a game of realistic mode only to find that your shot point average higher than NFL players is afraid of heights.
As for the story... Its like watching a bad HBO

Pros: X-Ray Kill Cams - Didn't have to buy it (gamefly)
Con's: Bugs & Glitches - Drunk AI - A not so Linear Game - Current Gen Graphics - Unoriginal Story

Since ps4 doesn't have a prestigious selection, it wouldn't be a bad choice to x-ray some faces off in SE3, certainly isn't unplayable, just frustrating at times. 6/10
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Maybe it's just me, but i really liked it
Posted by Halo3357 (HUDSON FALLS, NY) Aug 04, 2014
Member since Jul 2010
2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

i thought this game was perfect for me, i guess i just like games where you can be stealthy, or not.

the graphics are great!

and the kill cam thing was pretty cool, got a little boring sometimes so i would just skip it, but every now and then it's cool to see.

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Memory 26 GB
Modes Full Mission Single-Player, Campaign
Audio/Video HDTV 1080p, 3D Compatible
Online Features Content Download, Quick Match, Teams, Leaderboards, Custom Match, Trophies, Online Co-op, Online Deathmatch, Online Team Deathmatch, Online Multiplayer