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Crysis 3 -
Requires the base game in order to play.
This title requires EA Origin and a permanent internet connection to play.

The award-winning developer Crytek is back with Crysis 3, the first blockbuster shooter of 2013! Return to the fight as Prophet, the Nanosuit soldier on a quest to rediscover his humanity and exact brutal revenge. Adapt on the fly with the stealth and armor abilities of your unique Nanosuit as you battle through the seven wonders of New York’s Liberty Dome. Unleash the firepower of your all-new, high-tech bow and alien weaponry to hunt both human and alien enemies. And uncover the truth behind the death of your squad while reestablishing the power of human will in a rich story full of exciting twists and turns. Crysis 3 is the ultimate sandbox shooter, realized in the stunning visuals only Crytek and the latest version of CryENGINE can deliver. Assess Adapt, and Attack starting spring 2013 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

  • Seven Wonders of the Urban Rainforest – New York City has been contained in a giant nanodome and grown into a unique rainforest with seven distinct environments. Master the ultimate sandbox and turn it into your own personal hunting ground.
  • Assess, Adapt, and Attack – Crysis’s highly-acclaimed sandbox gameplay is back with more open levels to let players choose their path and approach. Your upgraded Nanosuit allows brute force or stealth, always giving you more than one option.
  • Expanded Multiplayer – Experiment with new ways to customize your Nanosuit and brand new game modes.
  • The Biggest and Most Explosive Arsenal in Franchise History – In addition to giving you an arsenal of human firearms, Crysis 3 lets you scavenge alien weapons and deploy an all-new signature bow
  • The Evolution of CryENGINE – CryENGINE unleashes the power of the Crytek creative team and delivers a visually stunning and varied gameplay experience.
This title is available for purchase in Canada and United States.







Crisis 3
Posted by Muggzi (Burlington, ON) Dec 18, 2013
Member since Dec 2013
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Was so looking forward to this game, as previous Crisis games I have very much enjoyed... bought it, downloaded it, and it won't work... and that was when I realized my Graphics card doesn't support DX11. Not going to go buy a new graphics card just to run one game, so I can't play it. Make sure you check for DX11 ability on your puter before punching the BUY button !
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Posted by saadatorama (LOS ANGELES, CA) Sep 30, 2013
Member since May 2011
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DX11 cpu required
Posted by haloschafer (CICERO, IN) Aug 11, 2013
Member since Aug 2013
0 out of 8 gamers (0%) found this review helpful

I went to my PC and my computer has DX11. what's going on?
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Gorgeous, Where are the enemies????
Posted by McPhaddie (OMAHA, NE) Feb 19, 2013
Member since Dec 2009
4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

A game that pushes your PC. On "Very High" running a i7 920 it pushes the cpu to 80%, and an HD 7950 OC to the max with very little slow downs. This game looks amazing. The Bow is fun, weapons shoot and sound great. Where are all the enemies for all the ammo supplied? There just seems too few, and some areas are not even populated, large areas. You run to the next point, nothing, then the next, nothing??? Really. Didn't they learn anything from Crysis Warhead. Plenty of action and great graphics. The cut scenes are to help you feel connected with the characters and show off how well facial animations can look. But please. Give us some really cool ones. Show off and have some fun with them. Nope. Things are just about showing off what it can do, and not really giving us that much fun.
Worth the buy??? Probably not. The online is OK as have the previous ones.
Storyline takes about 6-8 hours to get through and at times is fun, but mostly it is just chugging along, looking for an enemy. I would even back track so that enemies would respawn. Almost a WOO HOO, but not really.
It's like a hot date with no personality. Nice to look at, but you just can't wait for it to end.
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Persistant connection required = No Thank You
Posted by Moqarna (Bristol, CT) May 16, 2013
Member since May 2013
4 out of 8 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

I can't understand why game developers are bound and determined to keep me from playing my legally purchased games while I'm traveling or if my internet connection (or power) goes down. As good as this game probably is, it's an automatic no purchase...just like BF3 and Diablo 3.
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Posted by chris9299 (AMELIA, , NY) Jun 11, 2013
Member since Jun 2013
1 out of 9 gamers (11%) found this review helpful

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Minimum OS Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
Minimum Processor Dual core CPU
Minimum Memory 2GB Memory (3GB on Vista)
Minimum Graphics Nvidia/Intel example setup: Nvidia GTS 450, Intel Core2 Duo 2.4 Ghz (E6600). AMD example setup: AMD Radeon HD5770, AMD Athlon64 X2 2.7 Ghz (5200+)
Recommended OS Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
Recommended Processor Quad core CPU
Recommended Memory 4GB Memory
Recommended Graphics Nvidia/Intel example setup: Nvidia GTX 560, Intel Core i3-530. AMD example setup: AMD Radeon HD5870, AMD Phenom II X2 565
DirectX: DirectX 11 graphics card with 1Gb Video RAM
Note Win XP is not supported.
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